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The Beauty Debate 2012

Drawing inspiration from art, design, architecture, fashion and the natural environment, P&G B&G traces the pulse of lifestyle trends, using these to illuminate the future of beauty and shape how technologies are used to answer tomorrow’s beauty and grooming questions.

The Beauty Debate (© P&G)

The Beauty Debate

P&G Beauty & Grooming (P&G B&G), one of the leading lights in the industry is back once again with its annual visionary Beauty Debate event. Established in 2008, the Beauty Debate is P&G B&G's annual symposium bringing together the company's leading scientists and lifestyle trend experts with top minds in the industry to discuss the beauty vision for the future.

In Asia, this highly-anticipated industry event has been held in some of the most iconic cities, including Kerala (India), Bali (Indonesia) and Beijing (China).

The Beauty Debate (© P&G)

This Spring/Summer, four trends - Visible Aura, Sand Dunes, Beauty Graffiti, and Tango - were revealed at the Beauty Debate, each with its own distinct mood and personality.

  • Visible aura - This trend involves the use of lighter shades, and styles such as straight or wavy, angelic curls to project an ethereal image.
  • Sand dunes - It uses a palette that is soft and light with a warm glow. Slightly darker tones are also incorporated to give a natural contrast to the hair so that it looks luxuriously natural.
  • Beauty graffiti - A tousled hair style that looks naturally gorgeous but at the same time, has a laid-back festival feel to it.
  • Tango - Tango manifests in high drama and precisely groomed updos to enhance strong facial features by using a darker, bolder palette with emphasis on shades with aubergine accents. This style is both graphic and feminine at the same time.

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