Tue, 11 Jan 2011 03:19:26 GMT | By Elfie Jane

Tsubaki Shampoo & Conditioner

Is this Japanese shampoo good for your hair?

Tsubaki (© Tsubaki)

As it is with any beauty product, it's hard to find a shampoo that's suitable for your hair type. Especially when you have the unfortunate combination of oily scalp and damaged hair. I'm not one who falls for the 'Made for Asian hair' gimmick so when I was ask to try Shiseido's Tsubaki 'Shining' shampoo & conditioner, I was sceptical and not expecting much.

However, the Tsubaki surprised me. Not only did it smell good and come in this very cool unconventionally shaped bottle, but after a week of using the product, I started noticing a difference. My hair was not only softer and shinier, but it was a whole lot more manageable. The product not only managed to moisturize my drying/damage hair (from years of abuse and lack of conditioner use), but it managed to control my very uncontrollable frizzy hair texture which now saves me a good half hour of my mornings in which I usually have a wrestling match with my hair attempting to blow dry it into place.

For people with oily scalp, I'll definitely recommend Tsubaki's 'Shining' range which is formulated to solve this problem. Both shampoo and conditioner cost RM15.90 each for a 220ml bottle and is already in the market.


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