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Hot new trend alert: Rainbow hair

HOT or NOT: Celebrity rainbow hair

HOT or NOT: Celebrity rainbow hair (© REUTERS)
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Dyeing one's hair is a rite of passage for all women, we've all been there, done it and some of us even keep doing it. But where we might choose that shimmering blond or rich chestnut, for many celebs that is just 'dyeing it' a little too safe. They want colour - bright, garish, bold colour. Something that makes the world sit up and take notice. And with such a vast array of colours to choose from - bright pink, blue, purple, green, red - the choice is endless. But a word of caution, just because we can do something doesn't mean it is always a good idea. Do we really admire these celebs for their daring choices, silently wishing that we had the courage to dye our hair fluorescent pink, or do we stare in horror at the celeb pics thinking, oh dear, what has she done to herself? Whatever our thoughts, there is no denying that bright hair is a current and very popular trend among the celebs, and whether we like it or not, where the celebs go we mere mortals eventually follow.

Check out our gallery to see who packs a bright punch in colour and who gets knocked out by the force of their garish colour mistake.

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