Updated: Fri, 17 Dec 2010 04:02:31 GMT | By Ain Ahmad

Bonia Adeline Collection

Bonia releases a new collection of colourful bags

Courtesy of Bonia

Courtesy of Bonia

The new range of Bonia Adeline collection will definitely divert attention to the woman that carries it. Made from the exquisite deer leather with bright hues of orange, coral and fuschia, the range comes in two designs where one is given a quilt design finished with a bubble-like feel while the other is designed with laser cut net-like holes and gold highlights.

The additional shoulder strap makes the bag more versatile, so you can either use it as a tote or a stylish sling bag. And guess what? The range also has zippered wallets of the same shades if you like matching colours.

The Bonia Adeline collection is now available at all Bonia boutiques. Click on the next pages for a look at the range.

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