Fri, 26 Aug 2011 02:48:48 GMT | By Nina Hidayat

Mooie & Moca

Sister boutiques: united!

Shoptalk: Mooie & Moca (© MSN Malaysia)

Clean. That was the first impression of this spacious boutique. The unfussy design made me smell fresh paint in my head. The warm lighting switched my shopping mode on - there was this zen vibe as you proceed into Mooie. There is no chance of the new arrival section by any chance as it is strategically placed in a tall wooden hanger next to the cashier counter. Soon after my glance moved to the whimsical knick-knacks lying on the table, too tantalizing not to touch.

Some might wonder like me, where has Moca its sister boutique gone? Fret not, it is not gone like some other shirt-lived boutiques on the street. It is now reunited with its sister - Mooie! It has been 5 years since Mooie first opened - the clean cut boutique which was developed into Moca. Due to large amount of time for managing the two boutiques at the same time - the founders have decided to incorporate Moca into Mooie.