Bernard bends tradition

Bernard Chandran

World renowned fashion designer, Bernard Chandran, breathes fresh life into traditional 'baju raya' with the revolutionary styles showcased in his Petang Raya 09/10 collection. Key focus on each piece are the sleeves, which transforms the conventional 'kurung', lending it a more romantic and charming flair.

Meshing urban luxury with the classics, the collection is all about making statements: statement heels, statement bags, statement sleeves, statement accessories and statement makeup, all while retaining the original feminine wiles of these pieces. And, to demonstrate the visions he has for the future of these classics, Bernard infuses a richer palette of colours and a stronger attention to details with the use of frills, pleats and darts.

Bernard Chandran's boutique is located at S-32 & 35, 2nd Floor, KL Plaza, 179, Jalan Bukit Bintang. For more information call (03) 2145 0534 or visit