The Most Fashionable First Ladies of All Times(AP File)

Betty Ford (1918-2011)

Betty Ford has passed away, but the world has inherited her great influences which will not fade away from the memories and lives of American citizens. The First Lady to former US President Gerald Ford actively helped thousands of people with drug addiction. Besides that, she was a role model for women with breast cancer. President Barack Obama praises her as someone who reduces social stigma for the addicts. She is fashion-forward not only in what she wears, but she had also set positive trends for a better world. First ladies do not only serve as trophy wives, but they do a lot to support the country from behind the scenes. After all, behind a great man there always is a great woman, right? To celebrate stylish and smart ladies around the world, MSN Life & Style has compiled a gallery of The Most Fashionable First Ladies of All Times, in which style is defined inside as well as outside.

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