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Sex while pregnant is safe for most

Experts ease fears about sex during pregnancy

shutterstock Hannes Eichinger

shutterstock Hannes Eichinger

(Relaxnews) - Good news for expectant couples: having sex while pregnant is almost always safe, according to new report published on January 31.

Appearing in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, the report states that except for the case of high-risk pregnancies, most couples can freely engage in sex to their hearts' desire up until the due date.

"Sex in pregnancy is normal," the researchers wrote. "There are very few proven contraindications and risks to intercourse in low-risk pregnancies, and therefore these patients should be reassured."

What about triggering early labour (especially during the third trimester) or harming the foetus? Researchers from Mount Sinai Hospital and the University of Toronto reviewed the research and said there is no reason to worry, unless the pregnancy is already high-risk. Patients should discuss their situation with their doctors.

A few high-risk conditions that might interfere with your sex life are pre-term labour, or when women who are carrying more than one foetus or who have a history of early labour may be at risk for giving birth too soon. Women with pelvic inflammatory disease, or an infection of the uterus, fallopian tubes, or other reproductive organs, should also talk to their doctor first. Another condition cited is placenta previa, when the placenta grows across the cervix. In some cases, it's not advised to blow air into the vagina during oral sex, which can cause an extremely rare air embolism, a burst of air blocking a blood vessel, which could be life-threatening to mom-to-be and the baby.

The Mayo Clinic states that for some women, hormonal fluctuations, fatigue, and nausea may squelch your desire for sex. However, during the second trimester, increased blood flow to your sexual organs and breasts may spark the fire, while third trimester weight gain, back pain, and other symptoms may again sap it. Some couples may need to be patient, open-minded, and willing to try new positions for better comfort during various phases of pregnancy.