Wed, 29 Feb 2012 05:07:30 GMT | By Sheena Wan

A lady's privilege to propose

Are you thinking of proposing to your man? Let the leap year tradition inspire you!

A Ladies Privilege To Propose (© Getty)

Leap day may not mean much to us other than an extra day in the calendar but for women who believe an old Irish legend, this day is also known as 'The Ladies' Privilege' day.

If you remember back in 2010, Amy Adams starred in a movie called the 'Leap Year' where she travels to Dublin with the intention of proposing to her boyfriend on leap day, February 29th, because according to Irish folklore, it is tradition that a woman may only propose the marriage on this specific day.

Though many of you might just view the movie as is, did you know that the tradition in the movie is actually practiced in real life? Find out more about this age-old tradition by clicking next.