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Constant fighting

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My partner and I have been arguing a lot at the moment and I have noticed that other couples I know barely do. Is it normal to argue or does it mean that we are unsuited?

Relationships and arguments come hand in hand and it is only natural for them to happen between couples. It is also thought to be healthy in relationships. What you have to remember though is that the main reason for arguing is to come to an agreement and not arguing just for the sake of it.

Don’t drag things up from the past just to hurt each other and that you actually resolve the issue that is at hand. There is no purpose in digging up old arguments and jibes as you will only make each other more angry and upset.

Don’t stay silent when something is bothering you but there is also no need to fight like cat and dog. Silence builds resentment and allows your anger to fester and grow. The best part about arguing in relationships is making up afterwards and just because you fight or disagree from time to time it doesn’t mean that you are unsuited.

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