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Negative dating attitude

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Dear Miss Love

I want to changemy negative attitude to dating as I feel I’m not going to meet anyone and I don’t want that to turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy. I’m almost 31 and have been single for nearly two years. Despite going on dates and having a busy social life, I haven’t met anyone I feel interest in. How do I restore hope?

Lots of the outcomes we have in life are down to are thoughts. When we have a negative view on things and believe you won't meed anyone then you won't try or change things around for yourself. When you have a positive outlook on things, you may be disappointed sometimes, thats natural, but it will be easier to set the goals you set yourself.

There are very few people who remain single throughout their lives unless they have decided to be. There are all sorts of people who have emotional problems, troubles and bad circumstances, yet they have found someone. This may not be the case for you, so what makes you think that you are the exception?

You will meet someone someday, but you need to remember that you have no control over when this will happen. You are taking steps in the right direction, so try to be a little more relaxed and have some faith that it will happen.

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