Updated: Wed, 23 Mar 2011 02:35:48 GMT | By Miss Love

She told me to stop waiting

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Dear Miss LoveIm in love with a girl who says she loves me but is in a serious relationship. Whenever they fight she wants me to comfort her. Although she says she loves me she said she won’t leave her boyfriend, and im still waiting a year later for her. She found out and told me to stop because things won’t end in my favour and she wants me to find my own happiness. I have been thinking about this and found myself too reluctant to take the exit. What should i do? Should i keep waiting?

Im afraid that the decision has been made for you. What is the point in waiting for a woman who is in a relationship with someone else and has said she will not leave him? Can you not see that you are wasting your time? Why put yourself through all this when you could be with someone who wants to be with you. This woman doesn’t want to. If she did, she would have left her boyfriend, but more importantly she has told you to stop waiting and to move on. It’s her way of telling you that she does not want to be with you. You ask what you should do, but you only have one option; to move on and forget about her. Stop waiting and wasting your time.

Rejection can be hard to deal with, but everyone goes through it and it is a part of dating and life. However, with time you will learn to forget her, but you have to stop hoping for a different out come.

She is doing the right thing by asking you to stop waiting. You have to realise this for your own sanity and respect her wishes. You may be miserable, but im afraid you can be indecisive because she has told you what to do and made the decision for you you.