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How do I end a relationship?

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I no longer love my boyfriend and this has been dragging on for a few months. How do I end a relationship? This is my first one so I don't really know how to do it.

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A first break up is the longest process, i'ts almost like a divorce. You have to be the B!TCH, if you're all nice, he would think that you still love him and there's a good chance of both of you getting back together. Explain to him that it won't work because it takes two to tango, but now you're more into shuffling which doesn't require a partner to prance. If he persists, it's time to be the ALPHA B!TCH and show him that 'first cut is indeed the deepest'!

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As cliche as this sounds, honesty is the best policy. But sometimes being honest can also bring more trouble. For example, you can tell your soon-to-be ex-boyfriend that you don't love him anymore and want out, but it is guaranteed that he would go a questioning frenzy. Questions like, why? Am I not good enough? What did I do wrong? But i gave you everything! and trust me, these are the questions you don't wanna answer. But if you still wanna choose this way, then go to the "war" with Kevlar. The other way, is to actually tell a white lie. Note: WHITE LIE. Take the blame upon yourself. Say that you're dying of some kinda terminal illness, okay I'm joking. Not to that extreme, but you should say something that wouldn't make your soon-to-be ex-boyfriend look bad. But you must also be very careful with the white lie you tell. Don't say things like I've found someone else. That will only cause MORE TROUBLE. MEN HAVE HUGE EGOS. Fine tune your white lie and you should be just fine. If you're gonna ask me about white lies, don;t. I don't lie. Okay, that was lie, that I don't lie. I'm sure you'll be able to google white lies. All the best.

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Oct 17, 2012 9:57PM

i think telling a white lie only makes things worst as a lie has to continue with another lie and the lists goes on.

I think honesty is the best policy.....but it could off by a gentle avoidence first till he gets the message himself

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