(Relaxnews) - Make your final meal of the day one that sets with the sun in order to lose weight.

That's the overriding conclusion of a recently published study which found that eating after dark could be a contributing factor to obesity.

It's a theory that correlates the metabolic cycles of different organs to eating schedules, researchers explained in the study published online in the journal Cell Metabolism last week. While other studies have examined how nighttime eating affects the body's circadian rhythms, the latest research also underscores how this unhealthy habit relates to the cycles of particular organs.

"Every organ has a clock," said lead author of the study Satchidananda Panda of the Salk Institute in a statement. "That means there are times that our livers, intestines, muscles, and other organs will work at peak efficiency and other times when they are -- more or less -- sleeping."

Eating a ham and cheese sandwich before bed or tucking into a pint of ice cream at midnight, however, could sabotage weight loss efforts by throwing off the normal metabolic cycles of these organs.