Thu, 25 Oct 2012 05:09:55 GMT | By Sheena Wan (updated)
Atilia Haron, Yasmin Hani and Mayjune Tan love designer handbags!

Local celebrities Atilia Haron, Yasmin Hani and Mayjune Tan talk about their love for designers bag and their shopping experience at Reebonz.

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1. What type of bags do you like?

Atilia: For me, the most important thing has to be the durability, and also the right size, as I don’t normally change my bag. I usually use the same bag for several months. It has to fit a lot of my things, as I carry lots of things around. I would prefer hard leather and I don’t really like fabric because I have sweaty palms, therefore fabric is not good for me. And also the bag has to suit my petite size. Sling bag is good for me.

Yasmin: Same thing. I like small to medium sized bag because I like to put everything in. I can’t carry anything bigger than that because I will tend to put even more things into it. And I have to go to chiropractor to treat my back because my handbag is too heavy. I tend to use not much of leather. Fabric I don’t mind. I think it would be a durable bag so I can carry everywhere and it can sit on its own.

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