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Christina Aguilera's fluctuating weight

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera (© Startraks Photo/Rex Features)
  • Christina Aguilera (© Matt Baron/BEI/Rex Features)
  • Christina Aguilera and Matt Rutler (© Startraks Photo/Rex Features)
  • Christina Aguilera (© Startraks Photo/Rex Features)
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As for the interest in her fluctuating size, Christina declared: "You can never be too much of anything. You can never be too perfect, too thin, too curvy, voluptuous this, that. I've been on all sides of the spectrum as far as any female in this business." Well said!

Jul 31, 2013 11:24AM
Are you guys serious? Is that what you are being paid for? To check on her outfit and her weight? And what's with the 'beautiful'? Of course she is beautiful! LOOK AT HER! you guys are so stupid to down people that way, look at her she's blooming , her music is still good and get over it she doesn't care whatever you think of her.
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