Sun, 22 Dec 2013 18:15:00 GMT

Sabrina Beneett is Miss Universe Malaysia 2014

Psychology and Communication student Sabrina Beneett proved to be the top choice among 16 finalists to emerge the winner of the Miss Universe Malaysia 2014 pageant. The decision was announced following a gala finale event hosted by Miss Universe Malaysia Organization (MUMO) at the Setia City Convention Centre in Setia Alam last Thursday.

Sabrina Beneett is Miss Universe Malaysia 2014 (© Sheena Wan)

Emboldened from months of preparation and driven to frayed nerves, the final round of the competition to adorn the much coveted Miss Universe tiara 2014 included 6 finalists who had survived elimination rounds during the recent reality TV show at SP SETIA’s Beauty Mansion. The 6 were Foong Tsin, Lalitha Monisha, Shangkharee Nadarajan, Lyn Lim, Jean Lim and Sabrina Beneett.

Also joining the 6 finalists on stage, were Karina Grewal and Kim Goh who were given mobile voting wildcards via the TNMUM2014 mobile application.  Another 2 wildcards were also handed out by the judges to Kausalya Ida and Denise Th’ng.  These 4 girls were given a second chance at competing despite being eliminated earlier.

The next round of elimination soon narrowed the competition even further by streamlining the competition to just four finalists; Lyn Lim, Kausalya Ida, Lalitha Monisha and Sabrina Bennet.

However, Sabrina clenched the title with her heart-warming smile and candid answers which even paid tribute to her father’s support. Remaining were 1st runner-up, Lalitha Monisha; 2nd runner-up, Kausalya Ida and 3rd runner-up, Lyn Lim.

Sabrina Beneett is Miss Universe Malaysia 2014 (© Sheena Wan)

Sabrina, a lass from Perak describes the day’s outcome as her definition of success as the pageant candidates were pushed to their breaking point throughout the pageant elimination rounds.

When asked about how she’d view comments against her winning the title, she replies unfazed and confident by saying, “Everybody has a right to his or her opinions. And we must respect that.”

When asked about what cause she would pursue and if a beauty queen could be more effective in carrying it out better than an NGO, Sabrina replies, “I believe that beauty is something people are inclined towards and in a way receptive to. It can make a difference in the right way.”

The night also saw subsidiary titles being awarded to:

  • Miss Body Beautiful – Kausalya Ida
  • Miss Congeniality – Livonia Ricky
  • Miss Naza Maserati Elegance – Jean Lim
  • Miss MyDentist Winning Smile – Lyn Lim
  • Malaysia’s Choice – Karina Grewal
  • Miss Radiant Skin – Lyn Lim

Sabrina Beneett will be representing the country in her capacity as Miss Universe Malaysia 2014 which will culminate in her representation of Malaysia on the international platform. Carey Ng, reigning pageant recipient for 2013 was present to hand over the tiara.

Picked from the ranks of established individuals in their own right; the arduous task of the final decision was unanimously delivered by a panel of 7 judges: Reshmonu, Sazzy Falak, Carmen Soo, Andrew Tan, Wan Ahmad Wan Abas, Miko Au, and  Dr. Daniel Yap.