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Lady Gaga defends decision to wear fur

Celebs who love wearing real fur

Celebs who love wearing real fur (© WireImage)
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Jennifer Lopez maybe be a constant target by PETA especially for incorporating fur in her clothing line, 'Sweetface' but the celeb seems to not be affected by it. It's evident that J-Lo loves the glamourous life and nothing PETA say will make her quit wearing fur even after Dan Matthews, spokesperson for PETA commented, "People who wear fur are either ignorant or arrogant about animal suffering. J-Lo is situated firmly in the arrogant camp."

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Aug 17, 2012 8:39PM

GAGA is a freak as far as I am concern.

Her fashion sense is outragous and most definately she does not give a damn to the poor animals which she uses in her outragous costumes.

I do not listen to her music because I feel she is a freak.

Aug 17, 2012 1:28AM
for this, i respect her... being a fashionista myself, would love to own one if i could afford it... plus the weather as well hehehe:) 
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