Mon, 14 May 2012 06:49:35 GMT | By Elfie Jane
ABC Spy: iPhone/iPad app for your kids

An educational 'spying' game for kids

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London-based mobile app developer Stealth Education has launched ABC Spy, an iPhone and iPad app for kids. Similar to the tradional 'I Spy (with my little eye..)' game, the ABC Spy app lets your child choose an alphabet and then find an object to photograph that begins with the chosen alphabet. Once a picture is taken, your child can frame, edit and name it to create his or her own photo catalogue. 'Simon Spider', an in-app character, is also there to help your child by making suggestions on things to seek and photograph. There's also an option to 'Make a film' which will transform your child's photos into a video that can be watched on the phone and even be posted on YouTube.


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