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Yes mums, we do have our little secrets that we keep deep within.

All is revealed in a survey that MSN Malaysia did recently to find out how competitive mothers really are, and how mums feel about their children, partners and other rival mums! Read on as we unveil their juiciest secrets.

In the era of competitive motherhood, mothers tirelessly look out for avenues to nurture their child’s intelligence and achievements. And with that desire, comes the competitiveness and occasional envy. After all, isn’t it only natural that you desire for your child to be smarter than that of your sibling’s or friend’s?  

Indeed, 76 percent of mothers who participated in the MSN survey revealed that they secretly want their child to be smarter than their sibling’s child, while another 74 percent wished their child were smarter overall. However, we also found out that 70% of mothers also think that they are not doing enough to ensure that their child is successful in the future. So, the big question is how do you boost and enhance your child’s potential?

MSN Malaysia also found out that 70 percent of mothers think that they are not doing enough to ensure that their child is successful in the future. So, the big question is how do you boost and enhance your child’s potential?

Giving them the right balance of nutrition is essential. Whether they are learning to write or memorising their first few alphabets, children’s brain develop most rapidly in the first five years of their lives. This is why providing your child with the right nutrition and necessary ‘brain food’ is essential.

To curb the dark ‘wish list’ of having a smarter child – whether or not your child is smarter than other children – is also dependent on what you feed them.

To the 78 percent of mothers who wish their children were smarter, give them the best they need in their daily nutrient intake, especially taking into consideration the right ‘brain food’ for brain development.

Out of all the mothers who participated in the survey, 52 percent are of the opinion that their child’s smart is a direct result of their diet. Good nutrition is essential for all aspects of our health and especially in children, whose brains develop most rapidly within the first five years of age. Not much attention is paid, however, to brain energy and its functions.   In children aged between 1-6 years, the energy demand of the brain exceeds 40 percent of total body energy 3,4.

Glucose is the only type of energy that the brain can use directly and because your child’s brain can only store limited glucose at a time, it needs a continuous supply 5. A simple carbohydrate diet, on the other hand, has high glycemic index (GI) levels6.  Studies have shown that children eating high GI level foods have poorer recall ability, attention span and memory power 7. The release rate of glucose into the bloodstream also affects mental ability8. Simple carbohydrates result in a faster release and cause high peaks as well as deep drops in glucose levels, as opposed to complex carbohydrates 9,10.

Complex carbohydrates provide a more balanced and prolonged energy supply to the brain so that it is able function for a longer period of time 11.

So mums, take a step back, breathe and enjoy the little mercy that we are blessed with. After all, you are not alone in keeping these dark secrets.

Mum's Secret Survey was conducted by MSN Malaysia from 1st October to 28th October 2012. Click next for full survey results based on 300 completed survey results.