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Beaches from the movies

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010)

Belcarra Beach in Vancouver (© © Bayne Stanley)
  • Belcarra Beach in Vancouver (© © Bayne Stanley)
  • A scene filmed in Freshwater West (© © Zak Hussein)
  • Kastani Beach in Greece (© © Thislife Pictures)
  • Surfers riding a giant wave in Hawaii (© © Eugene Tanner)
  • A Maori tribe of Whangara (© © David Guttenfielder)
  • The beautiful Monuriki Island in Fiji (© © Travel Inc)
  • A sand surfer in Ecola State Park (© © Rick Bowmer)
  • The village of Morar (© © Paul Harris)
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Where: Belcarra regional park, Vancouver, Canada

The scene in the latest instalment of the Twilight saga, Eclipse, when Riley (Xavier Samuel) emerges from the water with an army of newborn vampires behind him sends chills down the spine. Thankfully Belcarra beach, where the scene was shot, is typically vampire-free. The site of an old aboriginal village, you're more likely to stumble over an arrowhead here than a ghoul.

Belcarra is found up Indian Arm - a wild fjord just outside of the City of Vancouver. Along with the small sandy beach and rocky tidal pools the park also has 30km of hiking and bike trails.

How to get to Belcarra beach


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