Thu, 19 Apr 2012 03:58:27 GMT | By Mabel Ho
Gifts of Gratitude

Little gifts to say 'thank you'

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Your bridal party would naturally, be made up of your nearest and dearest for both you and your beloved. Of course, who wouldn't want their closest to be part of this awesome milestone in their life?

It's important to remember too, that they have invested a lot of time, energy and money into your Big Day, so it's only fair that you express your gratitude in a form of a small gift - which doesn't have to be expensive - just a little thoughtful.

Most brides and grooms tend to shell out the cost for attire and accessories for the big day. But if that doesn't quite fit into your budget, well, then you might have to just find other ways to say thanks. It could be a keepsake for them, for it's a momentous occasion for them too.


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