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Dance yourself fit

We take a look at how you can lose weight, tone up and have fun with the top dance fitness classes

Bokwa class (© Rex Features)
  • Bokwa class (© Rex Features)
  • Zumba class (© Rex Features)
  • Pole dancing class (© Getty Images)
  • Belly dancing (© Getty Images)
  • Ceroc (© Getty Image)
  • BodyJam class (© Rex Features)
  • Hula hooping (© Rex Features)
  • Ballet-tone class (© Getty Images)
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What is it: Bokwa the new up-and-coming dance fitness programme combining African dance, capoeira, kickboxing, light-boxing and step to improve cardio conditioning, strength training and flexibility. Furthermore, it integrates customary African dance with boxing manoeuvres. The name comes from a combination of two other words; "BO" stands for light boxing and "KWA" represents the traditional dance kwaito. BOKWA Fitness is energetic, exciting, exuberant and exhilarating and consistently remains challenging, yet can also be tailored for every type of individual.

How many calories you burn: The amount of calories burned during a class varies depending on your individual fitness level but you can expect to burn upwards of 500 calories in an hour's class.

Body parts it tones: Bokwa will get every muscle in your body working and thanks to the use of light boxing your arms will get a good workout too.

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