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Celebrity TV host Jojo Struys releases a 'relaxation' CD

Unwind and de-stress with a relaxation CD by Jojo Struys.

Jojo Struys (© Jojo Struys)

We often get immersed with our hectic schedules and forget to take a breather. Stress gets the better of us and we often suffer from headaches, depression and anxiety. Celebrity TV personality Jojo Struys understands this completely, that's why she has gone on to release a Guided Audio Relaxation CD called 'Letting Go With Jojo Struys', with the aim to help us urbanites de-stress, relax and unwind.

There are about six tracks on the album and the first single released is called, 'Positivity On The Go'. The other tracks on the album concentrate on getting rid of stress by disconnecting from the noise and pressures of our daily lives, while 'After A Long Day', is dedicated to a total de-stress experience.

Jojo Guided Relaxation CD cover (© Jojo Guided Relaxation CD cover)

According to Jojo at a recent press conference: "Everyone has stress, whether you're chasing deadlines in the corporate world, or cramming for an exam as a student or trying to raise kids and juggle multiple roles. It's so important to set some 'me time' aside to de-stress and calm the mind. I really hope listening to this CD can help people to become more relaxed and mentally positive." She also took the time to conduct a mini relaxation workshop, where she got members of the media to do simple but effective breathing exercises.

The six-track CD can be found at any 124 Starbucks outlets nationwide and priced at RM27 but those with a Starbucks card can purchase it for only RM19.90.


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