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10 drinking myths debunked

Drinking coffee will sober you up

Drinking coffee will sober you up (© Getty Images)
  • Drinking coffee will sober you up (© Getty Images)
  • Beer bellies are caused by drinking beer (© Getty Images)
  • Drinking destroys your brain cells (© Getty Images)
  • Men and women of the same size can drink the same amount of alcohol (© Getty Images)
  • Never mix the grape and the grain/beer before liquor will make you sicker (© Getty Images)
  • The custom of clinking glasses when saying cheers was to avoid poisoning (© Getty Images)
  • Alcohol makes you a better lover (© Getty Images)
  • Taking aspirin or ibuprofen before drinking will stop you getting a hangover (© Getty Images)
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Everyone's got a drinking story and everyone's got a hangover cure - but how many of these are true?


  • Drinking coffee will sober you up

Wrong! Coffee won't sober you up because NOTHING can - you simply have to wait for your system to purge itself of alcohol. What a large dose of the black stuff will do is just make you a hyperactive drunk - and probably more annoying than you were before. And you won't be able to sleep afterwards. The theory is based on opposites - alcohol, the depressant, and coffee, the stimulant, cancelling each other out. Sadly, not true. Nor is the cold shower trick, but you could try it on one of your mates for a laugh.

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