Sun, 17 Jun 2012 13:00:36 GMT | By Tanya Fortune, contributor, MSN Her
Eat naked… and other weird weight-loss tips

As a scientific study suggests sleeping in your parents' bed as a child makes you slimmer when you grow up, we look at some of the more weird and wonderful ways to battle the bulge.

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Take a photo of your food

Had enough of crash diets? Try the flash diet instead. Keeping a food diary is a common method of recording what you eat, but in practice it's a time-consuming chore, which puts many women off dieting. Using your smartphone to take a snap of your meals, on the other hand, is quicker and - according to a University of Wisconsin-Madison study - more effective. The researchers asked dieters to record what they ate over one week in words and in pictures, and, when quizzed about the experiment afterwards, the volunteers reported that the photo diaries were a far more powerful disincentive to overeat. The dieters commented that they were less likely to choose chocolate and other junk because they felt ashamed at having to take photos of these food choices, while some also said it highlighted the fact that they weren't eating enough vegetables.